Officers of Friendsip Lodge

2018-2019 Line Officers and Appointments

Worshipful Master: Worshipful John W. Barnes
Senior Warden: Brother Robert J. Young
Junior Warden: Brother Zachary P. LeBlanc
Treasurer: Worshipful John Warren Kent
Secretary: Worshipful Michael  Colicci
Assistant Secretary: Worshipful David R. LePage
Senior Deacon: Brother Mark Steven Morgenstern
Junior Deacon: Brother Dennis McSweene
Senior Steward: Brother Keith R. Doucette
Junior Stewards: Brother Kevin Joseph Kelley
Sentinel Brother: Brother Thomas H. Kelley
Tyler: Brother Robert G. Fontaine
Marshal: Worshipful Richard Joseph Barrows
Chaplain: Brother William Frank Stockwell
Assistant Grand Lecturer: Worshipful Christopher D. LaButti
Ritual Advisor: Worshipful Eric E. Grist